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Nursing Services


Serenity Gardens Home Health Care Skilled Nursing Team is one of a kind...

We guarantee that our services will improve and/or strengthen your health, in addition to lengthening your life, as long as you follow your personalized plan.

Our Skilled Nursing Team:

  • has over 30 years combined experience.
  • is led by a seasoned nursing professional, who specializes in both Medicine and Care Management.
  • is comprised of some of the brightest minds today.
  • actively utilizes the latest techniques, tools and strategies to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Two characteristics that set our Skilled Nursing Team apart (besides our vast experience):

  1. Our willingness to listen to your concerns, while putting your needs first, then include them in your official care plan.
  2. 50% of our team has personally cared for loved ones in similar situations.

OurSkilled Nursing Team will coordinate with you to:

  • Take charge of your Health Care
  • Complete Medical Screening & Assessments
  • Fill & Teach you how to refill your medication
  • ​Develop a Medication & Service Care Plan based on your preferences and doctors orders
  • Create a Complete Plan of Care, with a Service Calendar and Contingency Plan (for when you don't feel)
  • Obtain Appropriate Signatures for Agreements and Plans of Care
  • Share Plans of Care, Service Calendars & Contingency Plans with Appropriate Service Person

We're here to serve you...

Contact us today! (234) 525-6987 to enroll in our Nursing Services Program